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Post  maxlevpower on Thu Mar 31, 2011 12:23 pm

12) What is the Magna Carta? Explain its social impact and any possible influence on the English language?

Fennel p. 95-96
King John (1199-1216) lost all possessions in northern France in 1205 and had to forfeit all of his fiefdoms to Philip and it became “exclusively English” for the first time. The loss of land incurred the wrath of the baronage and in 1215 the Magna Carta was signed. This marked the end of the period of northern French domination and the beginning of southern French domination with the accession of Henry III. The French language dominated in England until the reign of Edward I (1272-1307), the first king for generations to have a good command of English.
Magna Carta, also called Magna Carta Libertatum (Great Charter of Freedom), is an English legal charter, originally issued in the year 1215 and was written in Latin.
Magna Carta required King John of England to proclaim certain rights (pertaining to nobles and barons), respect certain legal procedures, and accept that his will could be bound by the law. It explicitly protected certain rights of the King's subjects - whether free or fettered - most notably the writ of habeas corpus*), allowing appeal against unlawful imprisonment.
*) The writ of ‘Habeas Corpus ad subjiciendum’ is a legal action through which a person can seek relief from the unlawful detention of him or herself, or of another person.
Magna Carta has been the most significant early influence on the extensive historical process that led to the rule of constitutional law today in the English speaking world and France.
Magna Carta influenced the development of the common law and many constitutional documents, including the United States Constitution. In the period from 1224 to 1618 many clauses were renewed throughout the Middle Ages and continued to be renewed as late as the 18th century.

Melvyn Bragg, The Adventure of English
In 1204, John (King of Normandy, Aquitaine and England) lost his Norman lands to the much smaller kingdom of France. The Magna Carta was written and presented to the King when the barons rebelled against him in 1215.


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Post  mavezina on Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:43 am


The Magna Carta was a very important document in world history as it was the first written document to limit the king and monarch's power. Prior to the Maga Carta, Europe was dominated by kings which thought that they had the god given divine right of rule to make all and any decsion that they saw fit. The Magna Carta brought democracy back to the people.

In 1215 in Britain the aristocracy in England refused to give King John the money he needed to wage war unless he signed the Magna Carta. Knowing that he could not force the aristocracy to give him money without starting a civil war, he agreed and signed the Magna Carta document. The document stated that no man was above the law.

However while the Maga Carta greatly benefited the rich, the poor were still stuck in their state of poverty. The poor would not be protected by the law until several decades later.

The Magna Carta proved to be inspirational for the founding fathers of the American Constitution. The founding fathers believed that a written document like the Magna Carta would protect the liberty and rights of every citizen.

The 17th and 18th centuries were marked by a period of time called the Dark Ages. Instead of leaning more towards democracy, the governmentts leaned fathe from it. The Dark ages were characterized by oppression of the people and high mortality rates. Most Europeans and people around the world would suffer until the Enlightenment period started which marked the end of the Dark Ages.

The Enlightenment period got the people to question every action including that made by their government. New advancements were made in science and reson. The people began to question to power of the monarch and whether they really had a god given mandate to rule and do anything they wanted. The Enlightenment period helped bring democracy to governments in Europe as an emphasis was placed on reason. The social contract and Treatsie of Government by John Locke were written which told the people that the government and rulers had to answer to the people


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