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• 1476 – William Caxton starts printing in Westminster, however, the language he uses reflects the variety of styles and dialects used by the authors whose work he prints.
• 1485 – Tudor dynasty established; start of period of (relative) political and social stability. Caxton publishes Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur, the first print bestseller in English. Malory's language, while archaic in some respects, is clearly Early Modern, possibly a Yorkshire or Midlands dialect.
• 1491 or 1492 – Richard Pynson starts printing in London; his style tends to prefer Chancery Standard, the form of English used by government.
• c. 1509 – Pynson becomes the king's official printer.
• From 1525 – Publication of William Tyndale's Bible translation (which was initially banned).
• 1539 – Publication of the Great Bible, the first officially authorised Bible in English, edited by Myles Coverdale, largely from the work of Tyndale. This Bible is read to congregations regularly in churches, familiarising much of the population of England with a standard form of the language.
• 1549 – Publication of the first Book of Common Prayer in English, under the supervision of Thomas Cranmer. This book standardises much of the wording of church services. Some have argued that, since attendance at prayer book services was required by law for many years, the repetitive use of the language of the prayer book helped to standardize modern English.[15]
• 1557 – Publication of Tottel's Miscellany.
• c. 1590 to c. 1612 – William Shakespeare's plays written; they are still widely read and familiar in the 21st century.
• 1607 - The first successful permanent English colony in the New World, Jamestown, is established in Virginia. The beginnings of American English.
• 1611 – The King James Bible is published, largely based on Tyndale's translation. It remains the standard Bible in the Church of England for many years.
• c. 1640–1660 – Period of social upheaval in England (the English Civil War and the era of Oliver Cromwell).
• 1651 – Publication of Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes.
• 1662 – New edition of the Book of Common Prayer, largely based on the 1549 and subsequent editions. This also long remains a standard work in English.
• 1667 – Publication of Paradise Lost, by John Milton.


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