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Post  Bi on Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:43 am

6) What are some characteristics of Anglo-Norman French? How did it differ from Parisian French?
Blake, N.F, 1996, A History of the English Language, New York University Press, p.111-113.
When William the Conqueror came to Britain = he brought with him Normans and Frenchman from other parts of France.
French spoken in England was known as Anglo-Norman
The other form of French that later came to England is known as Central French from Paris (Parisian French)
Latin initial /k/ remained in the Anglo-Norman dialect but developed in a palatal form in Central French /t∫/. The English pair cattle from Anglo-Norman was Chattel in Central French.
The initial /w/ of Old French was retained in Anglo-Norman, whereas in Central French it progressed to a /gw/ to /g/. Lead to the following pairs : wage/gage, warrant/guarantee and wardrobe/garderobe.
Anglo-Norman lost is status and a spoken language and in legal documents, ceased to be used and was replaced by Parisian France.


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Post  captn_lee on Thu Mar 31, 2011 12:19 pm

What are some of the characteristics of Anglo-Norman French? How did it differ from Parisian French?
(A history of the english language albert c. Baugh& Thomas cable )(p 175-176)
In anglo initial ca- was often retained, whereas in became cha-, chie- in central French(paris). It is a well known fact that central French showed an early avoidance of the w- sound, both separately and in combination with other consonants, and whether found in Latin or in words borrowed from the Germanic languages.
Wasp(guepe) warrant( garranti), reward(regarder). In the combination qu- central French likewise dropped the labial element while it was retained for a time in Anglo-Norman. For this reason we say quit, quality, question, require etc.. all with the sound of [kw], where French has simple [k](quitter, quartier, qualité).
Anglo norman central Anglo ex Central ex
Ùi the the i disappeared and left only the u[y]
Ùi switched to uì
ei oi Real, leal Royal, loyal
-Arie -Aire Salary, Salaire,
-orie -oire victory victoire
French from England were ridiculized by French from the capital of france. Sometime children from French England were sent abroad to correct their accent.


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